Sustainable investment
"Green Portfolio"

Portfolio Type: Alternative Risk Level: Medium

Get the Green Portfolio and profit of top environment driven Tech, Autos, Organic, Manufacturing and Healtcare companies.

Green Portfolio
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The Green Investment Portfolio

Alternative Long Term Medium Risk

The Green Portfolio is developed by specialists in the field of renewable energy and sustainability with more than 10 years of experience combined.

Dedicated Portfolio Manager

You will have your personal dedicated manager by your side to analyze your strategy and help you improve it. Whenever you need information or consultation - we got you covered.

Retail Season Indicators and Analysis

Opening an account with us during the retail season will get you advanced third party analysis (daily, weekly, monthly) and indicators that would otherwise cost you 5000$ on average. Don't get caught off-guard - these analysis give you insight on the future of your portfolio.

Maximum Security

We use the highest level of security and keep Clients investments and funds in segregated bank accounts with top tier banks.

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